DRC Foundation AMA with Crypto Society -13th February 2021, 14:00CET

The event will feature Joshua Bate, DRC Representative

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is a fair launched and community-governed decentralized digital store of value with a fixed supply and a zero inflation rate. It was created by Maxim Nurov during the COVID-19 crisis when fiscal and monetary policies have exposed serious vulnerabilities in the current financial system.

DRC is also the key to using the Digital Reserve (DR), an online Vault platform where DRC token holders can get easy exposure to a basket of the most efficient store of value (SoV) assets to preserve their capital and hedge inflation risks. They are creating SoV-focused ecosystem within the broader DeFi/blockchain space.

DRC is a community-controlled ecosystem and there is no single entity or person that manages it. They did not have an ICO and nobody has ever received investors’ money. This is their advantage in terms of proof of decentralization and regulatory compliance. DRC are making this world a better place unlike many other crypto/DeFi projects that are lacking comprehensible philosophy and are driven mostly by speculative expectations.


🏆 2 x 50,000 DRC for best questions. To qualify, you must join the DRC telegram group and follow DRC and CS on twitter

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⚜️ DRC Website


⚜️ DRC Telegram


⚜️ DRC Twitter


⚜️ Crypto Society Chat


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Crypto enthusiasts join forces to bring you the latest Fundamental and Market Analysis

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Crypto Society

Crypto Society

Crypto enthusiasts join forces to bring you the latest Fundamental and Market Analysis

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