Decubate AMA Recap with Crypto Society, 27 May 2021 hosting Elliot

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce the start of our AMA with Decubate. We will be muting the chat for the first part of the AMA. We will then unmute and allow our audience to ask our guest questions. Don’t forget to hang around to ask your questions at the end for a chance to win one of 10 whitelisting allocations

Welcome everyone to our AMA with Decubate. We have as our guest Elliot Hagemeijer, CEO. It’s our pleasure to have you with us today. I would like to welcome you here on behalf of our entire community.

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Hey Crypto Society!! It’s a pleasure. Thank you for inviting us :)

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Pleasure having you here… Could we begin with a brief history of yourself and your team, and your roles at Decubate and what you were doing before Decubate?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Let me introduce myself. My name is Elliot Hagemeijer (30) I am the CEO and founder of Decubate, currently living in the Netherlands.

During my studies I specialized in UX Design and product development. In the following years after my studies I worked as a listing manager at LiteBit (Cryptocurrency broker). I was later promoted to Product manager of the entire website and dashboard

LiteBit has more than a million users with a billion monthly record trading volume. Having audited and worked with countless blockchain projects and companies around the world I decided it was time for my life’s project — Decubate.

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CEO at 30; meh underachiever

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Our core team and advisory team has reached over 14 members this week. We will release information about all team members in the upcoming week. All of them are handpicked superstars 👌

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Awesome Elliot. Thanks for the intro. How and where did you first encounter crypto?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Great question! I first encountered Bitcoin in the winter of 2013 but felt I was too late to invest in it without really looking into it. I figured, if it’s on the news it’s probably too late

Fast forward to the end of my studies (2016) I founded my first company (ARmazing — Augmented Reality Media). My company was incubated by the same accelerator that invested in LiteBit.

We shared the office where I received almost a daily pitch on space internet money during lunch time. I then discovered I could mine Ethereum in the office where my computer was stationed.

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Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

A game changer was when I first read about ERC20 and started to read into blockchain startups and ICO’s. I went down the rabbit hole, had an epiphany and decided to go all in and dedicate my life to what I still believe to be the greatest innovation of our generation. Literally, with my money, career and spare time

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So you must have mined thousands of eth by now… 😳

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

I wish. I had an old gaming computer haha

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hahahaha me tooo 😩; Tell us; How did Decubate start?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

The number of decentralized blockchain incubators, accelerators, pools, and launchpads is on the rise as the crypto bull cycle has attracted the attention of innovators and capital worldwide. In theory, these new fundraising platforms should democratize access to investing in early stage blockchain startups.

In practice, many of these blockchain incubators have become what they set out to disrupt in the first place — a legacy system that favours a small elite group of early adopters and founders. Behind the scenes, these insiders control what projects get listed and the upside they as investors receive.

We believe this outdated system hurts retail investors and has a negative impact on the quality of emerging blockchain projects by inflating incubation options + lowering quality and acceptance criteria. We’ve created an entirely new approach for what we believe a decentralized incubator should be.

Decubate is a community- powered investment platform for blockchain projects. Our audience identifies, invests and promotes the blockchain projects they believe in, directly participating in the upside along the way. Going forward, we plan to partner with the community to on-board promising Web2 startups onto Web3, unlocking new opportunities to invest in the future of the internet

Bilo 2000

That’s really very impressive — We are very excited about your project

How would you describe Decubate if you were talking to someone unfamiliar with digital assets?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Great question again. I think about this allot. I would say; “Kickstarter for blockchain projects”

Leveraging the investment and marketing power of a large community of people to help scale the future of the internet faster

Bilo 2000

With so many launchpads coming out, please tell us why Decubate will stand apart from the others

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

There are globally tens of thousands incubators and accelerators next to blockchain launchpads and incubators. We are the first to bridge both worlds.

The main pillars of our mission also consist in what makes us different;

1) empowering users and justly rewarding community participants and connecting innovators with investors, influencers, advisors, auditors, programmers, and marketers — worldwide

2) Enabling the fractionalized ownership of any asset

3) A new pipeline of innovation by incubating digital startups that can utilize and benefit from blockchain solutions

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Thanks — Appreciate the explanation

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

You can find a full list here:

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Tell us more about cross chain interoperability and explain how that works

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

We build an infrastructure that will support multiple blockchains.

Supporting cross chain activities is a challenge. In the first stage we will support Binance Smart Chain as a distributed ledger, in other words: our contract will be deployed on this chain, innovators and investors will be using those contracts. In the future, we will use more advanced blockchains such as (potentially) Polkadot/Solana that will help us enable blockchain interoperability. This will help us reach our long term goal that allows us to accelerate the tokenization of all assets.

Put simply, each decubated project has their own token and different solutions and requirements.

Bilo 2000

Defo a very useful feature and will no doubt become of extreme importance for mass adoption

What is the Decubate token used for? Can you describe Tokenomics and features such as staking etc…?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Reputation score: users can earn reputation by participating in the platform. The reputation score will be used to determine how much allocation a user receives in a fundraising/decubated project/campaign

Also staking rewards; platform fee distribution and long-term community reward vesting (25% of total supply) to incentivize long-term support of the platform and ecosystem

We also enable users to vote on projects that want to get decubated and funded. These users earn reputation scores as well. Think about rating, auditing, finding red flags and much more.

There is a full list that can be found here:

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Thanks — Just to our audience mention that these are a few features and that there are more features that can be seen on Decubate’s website

[In reply to Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]]


Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]


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Tell us about all the different features Decubate offers. For instance, I find your reputation and gamification feature very interesting. Tell us more…

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Great question.

Community driven and governance: The community will be an important part of the ecosystem. All the fees on the platform will be distributed back to the community (staking pool or burned).

Reputation mechanics: We believe in a true reputation model. The community should be rewarded for high reputation scores. Earn rewards by giving feedback, audit projects, provide liquidity or pledge other resources (marketing, audits, capital, general idea’s) for reputation and other rewards (tokens).

Reputation NFT’s: We acknowledge there is a demand for NFT’s and will be happy to utilize a mechanic who rewards the highest reputation score users within the platform. Gamification mechanics can have a tremendous impact if used correctly.

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Just as a side note, I wanted to congratulate you on your website which is easy to navigate and is very informative without having to dive into the technicalities of the white paper to have a good understanding of Decubate.

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Haha we appreciate the compliment

Just keep in this is our lead website. Our dashboard and version 2.0 is cooking in the background 😉

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Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Keep in mind*

Bilo 2000

What are you currently working on and can you describe your future roadmap?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

We are currently working on the crowdfunding pooling) contracts and first version of our web application (dApp). We tested our contract and are very happy with the first results

We were able to add crowdfunding campaigns and invest in those campaigns with a fair distribution and allocation strategies.

In regards to our roadmap, much more is coming. You can look it up here

Bilo 2000

* Fair distribution * This to me is key. It’s so annoying for many that have tried to get allocations and have to jump through hoops only to end up with nothing.

Could you please provide us with some challenges Decubate has faced but overcome?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

I would say that this last dip we’ve been experiencing has caused some slowdowns from a partnership and marketing perspective but our team really takes the long view which is paying off. We have allot exciting announcements to share with everyone.

Other than that, just hiring experienced superstar team members that believe in what we’re building

I’m happy and confident to say our core team is ready for what’s ahead

Bilo 2000

Is there any exclusive breaking news about Decubate that you could share with us here today?


Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Well, I guess I’m happy to announce Decubate has fully reserved all investment rounds. But the more exciting news is the fact Decubate will launch on more than two launchpads. We will disclose more information beginning on June ;)

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Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Hahaha love the gifs and memes

Bilo 2000

That is awesome — thank you so much for sharing this here

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

It’s a pleasure! Thank you for having us!

Wen Moon

♦️Which one of these aspects important for you?

A-Increasing Token Price &Value

B-Empowering Platform Development

C-Building Community Trust

D-Expanding Partnership Globally

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Great question. Building Community Trust.

If your community doesn’t trust you, why would anyone else? It’s our core business.

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

We’re flattered. So many great questions!!

Please be patient with us haha. We’re going to read all of them.


What is the meaning of your project name? Do you have any motivations to create this project?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

The name comes from the word “Incubate/Incubator/Incubated” which is a word used for accelerators. We used Decubate instead of Incubate for the Decentralized part of incubating a project.

Roman Lidu

How does crosschain interoperability work? Is it about people being able to raise funds on different blockchain wallets?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

That’s exactly how it will be implemented. In the first phase of our development roadmap that would mean that both innovators and investors can choose between different blockchains to interact with our crowdfunding platform. Eventually, individuals/businesses will be able to tokenize assets and distribute them on multiple blockchains.

Alok Dx


Do you have listings done on cmc and coin gecko? Also is there any github available?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

We will take care of it once we launched our token 🙂 We do have a GitHub, the repositories are still private because we have not launched anything on the blockchain yet. Please follow our GitHub page to receive the latest updates!


What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand about the project easily?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Great question Muskellunge!

Staffing up our Marketing and Community Management teams, developing compelling educational content and continuing outreach to amazing groups like Crypto Society

Darius Dylan Atticus | Trader | Hunter Gem | Investors

Are you mainly looking for bigger investors or is your platform friendly also for the smaller investors ? Is there any whitelist to participate in presale ?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Hey Darius, Decubate is all about justly rewarding small investors. We believe in the power of the crowd and want to disrupt the traditional investment process which typically favours larger, accredited investors.

Wox Box

How are you better than the competition? What opportunities does Decubate’s decentralization offer to ordinary users?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

Hey Sam, another good question. Our development philosophy is Agile (product development, planning, marketing). That means that we are working on a feature or improvement with 100% focus, release it and move to the next objective or iterative on the previous increment. Normally a project is built over many months or years, but doing this allows us to develop rapidly and keep our momentum, improving the project as the market moves. Think of it this way: You need a vehicle to get from A to B. You could start building a lambo in a year, but maybe a bicycle is enough and can be delivered in two weeks. You build, release, get feedback, find out and iterate (improve) on your findings.

Binh Minh Craig Wright (( Never Pm First ))

Where do I get information about your team? Why do you prefer to be anonymous? Do you have a plan to identify your team later?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

We are certainly not anonymous. We are however, finalizing the last bits of content and marketing pieces before we fully reveal our superstar team 👍

K A S H I | Invester | Hunter Gem | Trader

Do Your Project have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosystem periodically and also invite developers to build?

Elliot | [Won’t DM you for investments]

The last one had more than one question which can be combined in a single answer. Let me answer both.

Our smart contracts will be audited by third parties, we find this very important. We have not discussed plans for hackathons, but this is actually a great idea! I’ll bring this idea to the table and see what we can organise!

Amazing questions everyone! Thank you so much. Our team will contact you. Please do not send anyone any funds!

Join our telegram channel if you have any other questions. You can ask anytime. We’re there 24/7.

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