Crypto Society Ama Recap with Secret Network, 28th October 2021

Secret Network is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts. That means applications built on Secret can utilize encrypted data without revealing it to anyone, even the nodes in the network. For the first time, Secret Network allows developers to build powerful, permissionless, privacy-preserving applications — Secret Apps.

Bilo | Crypto Society

@CarterWoetzel we are ready to start Sir 🙂

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Amazing :)

Bilo | Crypto Society

It’s our pleasure to have you with us today. I would like to welcome you here on behalf of our entire community.

Could we begin with a brief history of yourself and your team, and your roles at Secret Network and what you were doing before Secret Network?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Greetings everyone, thanks for hosting Secret Network today. My name is Carter Woetzel — I am the community and marketing manager for the Secret Foundation. I am also the lead researcher and economist of Shade Protocol — a collection of privacy-preserving DeFi apps being built on Secret Network.

To answer your question:

l’ll briefly start with a bit of history. Secret Network was previously a layer 2 privacy solution built on Ethereum known as “Enigma” in early 2017. Due to scalability issues on Ethereum, the tech stack migrated to being a layer one solution built using the Cosmos SDK, leveraging proof-of-stake (PoS) using Tendermint’s Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm. One of the core development teams behind Secret Network is Enigma MPC, a software development company originating from MIT. In fact, many of the core contributors today knew each other from as far back to 2015 — making Secret Network one of the oldest projects and teams in the blockchain industry, despite the rebranding and renaming of the network. Other key contributors are Tor Bair — CEO of the Secret Foundation — he has led network growth from every conceivable angle. Media, organic community growth, “Secret Agents”, in-person events, product integrations and collaborations. I have only been deeply involved in the project since summer of 2020, I am the author of the Secret Network graypaper (courtesy of Enigma and all of their assistance with this endeavour). Currently, I am focused on marketing and community management, with an emphasis on content creation. Odds are if you have read a blog post on the main Secret Network website, that was me!

Bilo | Crypto Society

Thanks for the background. Much appreciated. Can you tell us about why you thought Secret Network needed to be built and what problem it solves?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

That’s a great question :)

Quite simply, blockchain without data privacy is inherently limited. You wouldn’t use a decentralized Uber app if your location was publicly visible on-chain. You wouldn’t buy an ice cream cone from a vendor with crypto if that meant you doxed not only your wallet balance, but every single transaction you have made since the beginning of time. You wouldn’t use a healthcare application integrated into blockchain if all those records were publicly visible. Simply put, Secret Network is the data privacy platform of Web3 — we fully believe that privacy is the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future. And not only that, with “viewing permit” technology, users and entities are able to decrypt their encrypted on-chain data locally, giving a path to auditability and compliance. With programmable privacy, programmers of “secret contracts” have control over what application layer data is and isn’t encrypted. This leads to novel use cases such as NFT gaming battles where heroes can battle each other on-chain without knowing who the winner will be in advance of the battle. Privacy-preserving stablecoins. DEXs fully resistant to front-running. Privacy-preserving OTC auction places that settle on-chain. Privacy-preserving decentralized social media platforms. Soon to be data and NFT marketplaces where owners have private ownership, empowering creators to choose what data is visible by a purchaser in advance. All on Secret Network. Only possible because of privacy-preserving smart contracts powered by Secret Network.

Bilo | Crypto Society

“Simply put, Secret Network is the data privacy platform of Web3”.

Brilliant 😍

How did Secret Network start?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

The origins of Secret Network go all the way back to a whitepaper titled “Enigma: Decentralized Computation Platform with Guaranteed Privacy” which had a very clear goal in mind. “Enable developers to build ‘privacy by design’ end-to-end decentralized applications, without the need for a trusted third-party intermediary.” This paper was published in 2015 from MIT author Guy Zyskind (founder of Enigma, the core development team of Secret Network) — beginning the long journey to making this blockchain and dream a reality. After 5 years of iteration and research, that dream became a reality in September of 2020 when privacy-preserving contracts went on-chain for the first time.

Bilo | Crypto Society

How would you describe Secret Network if you were talking to someone unfamiliar with digital assets?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Secret Network gives you data privacy for all of the different apps and tokens you use in cryptocurrency but does so in a way where you have control over who you reveal your data to. At the end of the day, privacy is utility — and Secret Network empowers users and creators to decide what data is and isn’t visible.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Amazing. It’s so important to be able to have this privacy mechanism when appropriate.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Absolutely, we need data privacy for all the apps that get made on Web3.

Right now, Web2 has more privacy then Web3. Secret Network changes that paradigm.

Bilo | Crypto Society

What chain is Secret Network built on and why did you make that choice?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Secret Network is built using the Cosmos SDK and tendermint consensus algorithm. This choice was made because interoperability is a key part of the long-term thesis of Secret Network. Secret Network is chain agnostic and capable of interoperability with a range of networks using the Cosmos InterBlockchain Communication protocol (IBC) — a key reason behind selecting the Cosmos SDK. Secret Network uses a modified version of CosmWasm to empower privacy-preserving smart contracts. CosmWasm is a powerful library of the modular code required to build contracts. Rust is the language of choice for Secret Network — an incredibly memory safe and memory efficient option compared to alternatives.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Fantastic. So, if I understood you correctly, you can deploy on multiple chains then?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Yes, we have already bridged to multiple networks :) And with cross-chain contract calls, soon apps on other networks will be able to leverage the privacy-preserving data features on Secret Network directly.

Currently, Secret Network has bridges to Ethereum, Binance Smart Contract Chain, Monero, and soon to be Bitcoin, any IBC enabled network (such as Terra/Luna, Osmosis, Juno, etc.).

This list will only continue to grow!

Bilo | Crypto Society

You mentioned Rust is you favourite programming language — anything Solana related coming?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

A Solana bridge would be quite interesting…..

Bilo | Crypto Society


Carter W. | Secret Foundation

But nothing I can share publicly. Solana is a thriving ecosystem.

Bilo | Crypto Society


Carter W. | Secret Foundation

when privacy for Solana?

🧐🧐 ;)

Bilo | Crypto Society

When indeed…

Bilo | Crypto Society

Secret Network has many secrets😔

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

We love revealing secrets, but all in good time ;)

Bilo | Crypto Society

Why is it important in your view to have this interchain operability?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Because Secret Network aims to be the privacy-preserving platform of Web3, interoperability with Secret Network empowers assets outside of Secret Network to be converted into privacy-preserving equivalents on Secret Network. The more chains that are connected to Secret Network, the more valuable traffic that will exist on the network. All this traffic inherits the privacy-preserving properties enabled by Secret Network. Finally, the spirit of decentralization is all about interconnectedness and no single point of failure. By participating in interoperability, we make Web3 more resistant and more valuable.

Bilo | Crypto Society

What is the Secret Network token used for? Can you describe the Tokenomics?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

The native gas token of Secret Network is called “SCRT”. SCRT is used for transactions, staking, and governance. Because Secret Network uses the PoS model, staking is a key component of network security and consensus. Tokenomics of Secret Network are the following:

~102M SCRT staked -> ~26% APR on staking SCRT

~95M SCRT circulating

15% inflation

~1M SCRT in the community pool

If you are curious about staking ROI

I helped make a little tool to calculate staking returns.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Noice — all this staking is making me hungry though.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Or if you are curious about running a validator on Secret Network:

Bilo | Crypto Society

Tell us about Secret Swap. What differentiates your DEX from others? Tell us a little about Sienna as well please.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

SecretSwap and SiennaSwap are both DEXs that live on Secret Network. Secret Network does not “own” any given DEX.

Just to make sure that is clear :) The more, the merrier.

But let me give a brief description of both:

Built on the principles of usability and privacy, SecretSwap provides a foundation for the open accessible financial system of the future. The primary focus of SecretSwap is to protect users from value extracting players by focusing on privacy. SecretSwap is a liquidity hub that connects to other ecosystems for maximum user protection and access to assets. SiennaSwap has a similar vision: privacy meets DeFi. Both DEXs are private by default, decentralized, front-running resistant, with powerful governance dictating the future of these dApps. Between both SecretSwap and SiennaSwap, nearly ~$700,000,000 in cumulative volume and ~$120,000,000 in active liquidity.

So, very early stages on these DEXs, but there is definitely strong interest in them.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Thank you for clarifying and explaining.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Front-running is a $1,000,000,000+ problem

You thought single-chain MEV was bad, wait until multi-chain front-running.

SecretSwap and SiennaSwap are completely front-running resistant.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Still, lots of TVL for an early DEX.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Because the mem pool is encrypted.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Please explain this further. This issue is so near and dear to many.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Front-running explained — How the Secret Network SecretSwap solves the elusive DeFi Problem

In this video, we give an example of front-running and how it works. In addition, we discuss SecretSwap and how an encrypted mempool can make all the difference in DeFi!

Link to graypaper:

Interested in staking with Secure Secrets?



Secure Secret Validator Node Address: secretvaloper1rfnmcuwzf3zn7r025j9zr3ncc7mt9ge56l7se7

If you would like to support Secure Secrets you can delegate to our node. If you want to support more content such as this, you can donate $SCRT to this address if you feel so inclined:


Carter W. | Secret Foundation

I actually made a video about this back in January.

I think it’s a pretty good explanation. Essentially, people can parse through the mempool on Ethereum and other chains. Insert their transaction in front of your buy and sell orders. And essentially steal from you….

Because everything is totally transparent. Riskless arbitrage at the cost of the user….

Bilo | Crypto Society

You already answered this above but to drive the message home; Are there any incentives to holding $SCRT tokens?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

26% APR on staking, as well as DeFi airdrops. SCRT stakers earned the SEFI (SecretSwap) in an airdrop.

Shade Protocol snapshots begin November7th.

So, if you want to get a $SHD airdrop, starting staking SCRT now :)

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Shade Protocol

An array of connected privacy preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network, featuring Silk.

Also, SCRT is gas on Secret Network. So, if you want to use Secret Apps, you need SCRT ;)

Bilo | Crypto Society

Can you send me some $SCRT so I can stake it?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Link me your keplr SCRT address, we can make that happen ;)

Bilo | Crypto Society

What are you currently working on, and can you describe your future roadmap?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

At the Secret Foundation, our goal is to empower all the applications and communities on Secret Network as much as possible. The application layer of Secret Network is starting to emerge in recent months in terms of gaming, DeFi, NFTs, marketplaces, and more. NFTs are of unique interest to Secret Network because private ownership and access controls are made possible by the encryption tech of secret contracts — allowing creators and programmers to create novel NFT use cases that are only possible on Secret Network. If you are interested in learning more about Secret NFTs check out (opensea equivalent on Secret Network) and (legendary NFT releases). Most importantly, IBC launches November 9th on Secret Network — there is a big network upgrade coming called “Supernova” that is going to reduce fees by 5x and is going to make transactions and contract executions quicker :) Finally, IBC connects us to Osmosis, Gravity DEX, Luna, etc. making it way easier to obtain SCRT!

Bilo | Crypto Society

WOW you guys really have a lot going on. Very exciting. Congrats!!!

Thank you, busy busy busy. We like to build quietly, And let the tech speak for itself!

Bilo | Crypto Society

And in secret it would seem 🧐

Can you please give an overview of your governance protocol, and how it works?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Oh boy, this is a big one…

Because Secret Network uses the Cosmos SDK, there is a heavy crossover between other Cosmos protocols and Secret Network with both the design and implementation of governance. Current. Secret Network governance parameters, which are subject to change, are as follows:

● Deposit period — 1 week

● Voting period — 1 week

● Minimum deposit amount — 100 SCRT

● Quorum — 33.4%

● Threshold — 50%

● Veto — 33.4%

There are five stages to on-chain governance proposals with Secret Network: submission, deposits, voting, tallying, and implementation. Submission can be done by any user, with the caveat that nothing is broadcasted on-chain until a proposal reaches the minimum deposit amount. This is in place to protect the network from proposal spam. Anyone can contribute to the deposit minimum. If the proposal does not reach the minimum deposit threshold, deposits are refunded.

If the proposal is approved or if the proposal is rejected but not vetoed, the deposits will automatically be refunded to the respective proposal depositors. Critical to note is that if a proposal is vetoed with a supermajority, deposits are burned. Upon reaching the minimum deposit required, a one week voting period begins. During this timeframe, bonded SCRT holders can cast their vote with one of four options — yes, no, no with veto, and abstain. Only bonded tokens can participate in Secret Network governance; this encourages users to bond their tokens to the network, which is an essential part of securing the network. Voting power is measured in terms of bonded SCRT. Delegators inherit the vote of the validator they are delegated to unless the delegator casts their own vote (which automatically overwrites the validator’s voting decision). Tallying the results of a proposal vote can result in an accepted proposal if the following requirements are met : quorum, threshold, and no veto. The quorum requirement programmatically checks that more than 33.4% of total bonded tokens participated in the vote by the end of the one week voting period.

The threshold requirement programmatically checks that more than 50% of tokens that participated in the vote, after exclusion of abstain votes, voted in favour of the proposal. The no veto requirement confirms that less than 33.4% of bonded tokens that participated in the vote, after exclusion of abstain votes, vetoed the proposal. Finally, the code the proposal wishes to modify is altered by developers of the network and implemented during the next hard fork of the network — the updated version of the protocol then gets pushed to all nodes supporting the network.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Hahahahahahaha. You weren’t kidding.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

😅😅 we take governance very seriously.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Thanks for the info. Great and valuable stuff.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

If Crypto Society ever hosts a speed typing contest.

Let me know..


Bilo | Crypto Society

Tell us about your Dapps.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

To name a few: -> DEX -> DEX, soon to have lending -> Sealed bid OTC marketplace -> privacy-preserving NFT marketplace -> encrypted communications (such as email) using Secret Network -> encrypted social media and novel sharing -> bridge to ethereum, BSC, IBC empowered chains, etc. -> a place to create, manage, and explore tokens on Secret Network -> first ever provably privacy-preserving on-chain NFT battling -> privacy-preserving algorithmic stablecoin

Bilo | Crypto Society

This is gold my man! Thanks

How where you able to Leverage EVM, Monero and Cosmos the way you did? How complex was this?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Escaping the EVM paradigm was one of the goals of Secret Network. There are distinct scalability trade-offs of EVM that we are seeing many chains migrate away from. Because of the fluidity provided by the Cosmos SDK, it was not too difficult to spin-up Secret Network, especially considering that most of the research on key management, encryption, and Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) was done in advance over the course of 5 years…

So, I suppose 5 years of research equals complex.

Bilo | Crypto Society

For those who don’t know — EVM = Ethereum Virtual machine

Are Monero’s privacy mechanisms central to Secret Network’s use case or does SN have its own private Privacy mechanisms?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

No, quite different mechanisms to be honest. Although I will say, we ❤️ monero. (we have a bridge with them).

Let me try to explain how privacy works on Secret Network.

Secret Network leverages hardware level encryption versus ring signature cryptography that Monero uses. Hardware level encryption is more scalable and allows for encryption of on-chain application data, not just transactions.

Just as smart contracts are a trusted neutral party for transactions, in a similar fashion, a Trusted Execution Environment is a neutral party in the form of hardware for secure and private computations. TEEs is hardware that is located in an isolated area on the main processor of a device separate from the main operating system.

A TEE ensures that data is stored, processed, and protected in a trusted environment that cannot be tampered with. Using a process of remote attestation, new nodes that are registered on the Secret Network can verify the validity of their hardware and TEE. Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) is a set of security-related instruction codes that are built into certain Intel CPUs that enable TEEs. The Secret Network leverages SGX as a TEE. If needed, the protocol can use other TEEs with room for potential future implementations such as secure multi-party computations (MPC). The consensus seed is stored inside the TEE of each validator node, allowing for encrypted inputs to be decrypted and computed across within a safe and secure hardware environment.

Hardware level encryption vs ring signature.

For anyone that wants more details, feel free to dm me.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Monero bridge is amazing — it is the world’s first privacy-to-privacy bridge. Essentially, Monero can now be used in DeFi on Secret Network.

APY ~120% on SiennaSwap and SecretSwap for being an LP

Secret Monero Bridge Tutorial

The Secret Monero Bridge is live on the Secret Network mainnet — and with it comes the ability to bridge XMR tokens into their private two way bridge.

XMR < — -> SCRT

Bilo | Crypto Society

That’s huge!

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Convert XMR to sXMR on Secret Network and use it in DeFi, and if you want to go back, convert the sXMR back for XMR on Monero.

Bilo | Crypto Society

You know I have to ask you about NFT’s right?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Secret NFTs? 👀. I’ll keep it simple.

Private metadata with NFTs means creators get a choice over what data is and isn’t encrypted. We can publicly show a watermark, but when you buy an NFT you get the full quality image. Private ownership.

Bilo | Crypto Society

This is really cool. How do you restrict access to who you choose? Is there some sort of secret code?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

No more Doxing. If you buy an NFT and make it your profile pic, on Secret Network that transaction is totally private.

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Stashh is launching soon as a privacy preserving NFT marketplace. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a powerful concept, introducing provable digital scarcity for creative works, in-game items, collectables, financial assets, and more. But up until today, NFTs have had major limitations for creators, collectors, and consumers that prevent NFTs from reaching their full potential as a disruptive technology. Secured by Secret Network, Stashh is the first full-stack platform for NFTs with native privacy, allowing creators, collectors, and consumers to truly benefit from the Web3 digital economy.

Launching in November, Stashh will feature the following:

Trustless access controls

Built-in exclusive content

Private-by-default ownership

Mint, buy, and trade NFTs on Stashh, the first full-stack NFT marketplace with native privacy and access control.

Bilo | Crypto Society

I’m very excited RN

Man screming pic?

Will have to start wrapping up this AMA so I can go test all this out

Bilo | Crypto Society

Could you please provide us with some challenges Secret Network has faced but overcome?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Sure, we love solving problems!

Viewing key infrastructure on Secret Network was originally created for users to locally decrypt their own transactions and private balances. However, the UX was jarring and difficult between multiple devices. Viewing permits were recently created vastly reducing the end user experience — requiring users to only need to generate a permit once on a website to view all the required tokens and balances as opposed to needing to individually create viewing keys per asset. Permits were recently released in the last two weeks. Another difficult problem was it was difficult for developers to spin-up front ends that could easily and conveniently talk with secret contracts. GripTape as a front-end framework was born. GripTape is a Vue3 framework that drastically reduced the developer barrier of entry with building a secret application on Secret Network.

That’s been a big quality of life upgrade for developers. So shout-out to griptape.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Really nice. Congrats — and so recent too.

If there was one thing you could hope to see Secret Network achieve next year, what would it be?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Bridge to every conceivable Cosmos chain and begin to connect to chains outside of the Cosmos ecosystem. Additionally, I hope we see a Cambrian explosion in adoption of privacy tech and applications built on Secret Network. The applications being built here are truly novel and unique, I am excited to see consumer adoption and enterprise adoption come into full effect this upcoming year.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Searching for the word Solana in text…


With the current extreme hype, adoption, institutional investment and reach for an all new ATH, how and why do you see Secret Network’s use case become even more important?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Simply put, a lack of privacy is creating real, tangible, financial friction on totally transparent chains. Secret Network is in the process of matching the average Web3 end user experience with its applications. If it does so successfully, and it protects users’ privacy and finances in a compelling fashion, there is really no limit to how much traffic and adoption Secret Network can achieve on the global scale.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Love it!

Maybe very obvious after all the explanations above but here goes: We all know that privacy is important. What does privacy mean to you? And How can Secret Networks help people who are concerned with privacy? And why would they look towards your project with interest?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

For me, I’ve always held one quote near in dear to my heart that I wrote on the Graypaper over a year ago.

“We will always push for privacy by default, privacy as an expectation, and privacy as the key to unlocking the full value of a decentralized future.”

Privacy is utility, Privacy is what is required to unlock the next layer value in decentralized apps. It isn’t just some side feature. It is critical. Banks have more privacy than you do when you use Ethereum and Bitcoin. Every time you use an app, it’s all transparent on blockchain. That isn’t sustainable. We need privacy.

And Secret Network provides that privacy for every chain.

Bilo | Crypto Society:

I’m gonna try this again… Staying calm and Zen

Is there any exclusive breaking news about Secret Network that you could share with us here today?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

We have the most Iconic NFT set to be revealed in the next 10 days……

I can’t say anything more except if you know about Iconic and now you do, You are incredibly early.

Iconic | The most Iconic talent to ever issue an NFT

Iconic Secret is a production house of unique NFTs, that offers rare & previously unknown pieces of contemporary art created by the most iconic talents in history

Bilo | Crypto Society


Thank yooooooooooo!

Do you wish to let us know anything else that was not covered in the questions above?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

These were excellent questions, thank you for being such a gracious host, and thank you to everyone who tuned in to this AMA.

Check-out the secret network telegram.

Would love to have you all join the community 👍

Secret Network (SCRT) Community

Secret Network is the first mainnet blockchain with data privacy by default, allowing you to build and use applications that are both permissionless and privacy-preserving. We aim to unlock 100x the use cases for Web3!

And shout-out to the Crypto Society community. Keep up the good work :)

Bilo | Crypto Society

Thank you so much

Thank you for your time in answering our questions here today. We are all very appreciative of your time and of the answers you have provided

With this, we will open the chat.

K🔥.I IBRAHIM Kholil🔥

Every successful project has a few stories behind it, what is the story behind success? What was that vision when it first appeared as an idea? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

The vision started with the realization that without privacy, blockchain cannot scale to end users. A group of brilliant developers came together to start building Secret Network.

๖²⁴ʱJO̐S̐E̐P̐H̐A̐T̐ AB̐A̐B̐U̐◥ὦɧ◤

What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?♥️♥️♥️♥️

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Secret Network will be a top 20 crypto within a year. $1 bil protocol right now, and grossly undervalued. We will bridge to every conceivable chain. DeFi on Secret Network is revolutionary, that is what I am looking forward to in our tech stack. NFTs being widely adopted by massive artists, and a huge influx of TVL as we slowly but surely publicly release more and more Defi partnerships… stay tuned.

And seriously, check out SecretSwap, SiennaSwap, and

You are unbelievably early…

I think for me, trust is all about knowing there are people behind the project.

We are global, and we have seen our community grow from being online to now in-person events! If you ever get the chance, swing by, and say hello if Secret Network comes to an event near you.

We recently got listed on Binance, which probably has contributed to the pump recently.

6.243 | SCRTBUSD | Binance Spot

Binance cryptocurrency exchange — We operate the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume

In terms of other tier-1 exchanges, we are constantly working to make accessibility of SCRT as easy as possible.

SCRT on Osmosis will open the doors to Coinbase -> Atom -> Osmosis -> SCRT and unlock access to most of North America (compliantly).


Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Lots of DeFi apps have supply sinks mechanisms on SCRT, so stay tuned for more of those. I also think that inflation will be lowered on the network now that we have reached a sustainable scale.


Hello sir, 🔥🔥

NFTs is hot trending now, Do you have a play to have NFTs in your platform? If so, can you tell us the plans of your project in NFTs?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Secret Network Partners with OpenSea to Launch Secret NFTs with a Secret World-Renowned Artist

Secret NFTs represent a new evolution of NFTs with native privacy and access control. The first Secret NFTs auctions in November will feature a secret world-renowned artist.

Opensea partnership seems like a pretty good start when it comes to NFTs 🧐

Secret Feature: Stashh, Marketplace for Private NFTs

Stashh is launching on mainnet in November — a full stack platform and marketplace supporting Secret NFTs, the first NFTs with native privacy controls for ownership and metadata. Sign up early now!

Stashh blog also just released today…..


A very good partnership is needed to strengthen a project. Do you have any other project partnerships with your project? Are you planning to partner to make your project stronger???

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

I’d love to leak alpha on this, but I can’t. Q1 2022 will be explosive on the BizDev side in my opinion.


Can you tell me what is tokenomics and whitepaper of your project? Where can I buy it too?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation


Block explorer:

K🔥.I IBRAHIM Kholil🔥

Can you tell me what did and what it intends to do to achieve our real-world social goals? ⚾⚾⚾⚾

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

Privacy is a human right.

We believe our pursuit of adding privacy to every single Web3 application.

Is the best value add we could possibly pursue as a network?

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

I think I answered most of the questions there.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Thanks again bud. You did great!

Carter W. | Secret Foundation

See y’all around, have a good one 👍 if you have any other questions feel free to DM me.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Very Informative AMA

L B| Crypto Society

Thanks a lot for the great ama ❤️🙏

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