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9 min readNov 22, 2021

To celebrate this love for food, OneRare is building the first tokenization layer that celebrates Food in Web3 — creating an immersive & gamified experience for users worldwide.

Let’s foodify the Blockchain!

With Supreet and Kayaash

Bilo | Crypto Society

Welcome to the OneRare Team.

It’s our pleasure to have you with us today. I would like to welcome you here on behalf of our entire community.

Supreet | OneRare

Thank you so much for having us, Bilo & Crypto Society :)

Bilo | Crypto Society

Could we begin with a brief history of yourself and your team, and your roles at OneRare and what you were doing before OneRare ?

Supreet | OneRare

I’m Supreet Raju, co-founder of OneRare. I’m a Gold Medallist in Design and head the complete Creative strategy for our Foodverse.

Before OneRare, I worked on helping blockchain projects improve their adoption, and create better interfaces

It looks like @kayaash is busier than you. Lots of typing. 😂

Kayaash | OneRare

Hi. I am Kayaash Singh. I head the Growth and partnerships at OneRare. Prior to this, I have scaled the audio advertising business with Gaana(India’s leading music streaming app) and also was heading the media and partnerships at Times Bridge.

Bilo | Crypto Society

That’s awesome. Thanks for the intros 🙂

Can you tell us about why you thought OneRare needed to be built and what problem it solves?

Supreet | OneRare

We came up with the idea of OneRare in January 2021.The primary gap we saw in the market was that while NFTs and gaming was on the rise, projects were very niche and limited in their themes and ideas.

The current barrier to entry is too high in crypto, and being an educator myself who teaches design, I felt that the industry needs to become more open and friendly to first-time users, women and people who are interested in crypto. So, we felt we can cover this gap by engaging in a simple world of Food, where everyone can identify something they like to eat, and connect their food tastes to blockchain.


If you may allow, I can send a Food emoji when we finish our answers :)

Bilo | Crypto Society

That’s quite interesting and good on you for thinking of this angle

Of course pls do!


Bilo | Crypto Society

Oh, but you’re gonna make me hungry!

How did OneRare start?

Supreet | OneRare

OneRare started as a very small project based on the idea of claiming a Dish NFT by collecting the Ingredient NFTs.

That’s how simple the idea was for us.

Haha! It’s the foodverse! We must foodify the blockchain!

But yes, to continue, we started OneRare on the idea of Dish NFTs, and now it has evolved into a complete Foodverse.


Bilo | Crypto Society

But I have zero self-control 😫

Oh no. Now I want pizza and fries.

Supreet | OneRare

Then you are what our Foodverse needs!

Bilo | Crypto Society

How would you describe OneRare if you were talking to someone unfamiliar with digital assets?

Supreet | OneRare

Someone asked me the other day how I would explain OneRare to my grandmother, I think I will use the same answer!

We are making a virtual world to celebrate Food with games, art and celebrity chefs!


I’ll give you healthier food options!

Bilo | Crypto Society

Ok thanks for the broccoli. This makes me less hungry 😆

Supreet | OneRare


Bilo | Crypto Society

What is the OneRare token used for? Can you describe the Tokenomics?

Supreet | OneRare

OneRare will run on the $ORARE token. Our token is a high-utility token that can be used across our foodverse. You can speed up your farming, trade at the farmer’s market, play mini games at the playground, as well as be a part of the governance. Our token is community-focused, so you can own it as well as earn it in our Play-to-earn farm and playground.

Here are our tokenomics!

We have 15% for our private round, and are doing an IDO this week for 1.25%

Our team has a lock-up period for 6 months

So, we are committed for the long run :)


Bilo | Crypto Society

Your tokenomics are yummy 😋

Tell us about your NFT’s…

Supreet | OneRare

Our Ingredients & Dishes are both going to be NFTs — we have given a design twist for users to know what they have.

The ingredients will all be circular artworks, and our dishes will be square

We are not using any computer-generated graphics, our NFTs are being created by artists from across the world.

Supreet | OneRare

The NFTs have a lot of utility within the game, and in the real world too

Our NFTs can be used to play mini-games, and as we grow, we would like people to be able to swap them for real meals & deals!


Bilo | Crypto Society

Very Cool and original concepts.

Tell us a little about the four pillars


-Farmer’s market



Kayaash | OneRare

Our Foodverse has four areas — The Farm, which is play-to-earn and you can grow Ingredients. The Farmer’s Market, where Farmers can sell their harvested crops, as well as exotic ingredients. The Kitchen, which is the soul of OneRare, and you can read recipes and claim Dish NFTs. And lastly, our Playground where you can play mini games using ORARE tokens and your NFts

To claim a dish, your wallet needs to have all the ingredients needed to make a dish. The dishes will be listed in the OneRare Kitchen with pre-set recipes. Each Recipe is a list of ingredients you need to make the dish. Once you have all the ingredients, you can go to the kitchen and combine them — watch the magic as your ingredient NFTs disappear and the Dish NFT is delivered to your wallet.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Tell us a little more how the P2E model works.

Supreet | OneRare

So, we have the Play-to-Earn model in two aspects of our game: the Farm & the Playground.

In our Farm, farmers can choose what crop they want to grow, nurture it, and raise to harvest. They can then sell the crop at the Farmer’s market to earn.

In our playground, they can play Mini-Games like Food truck Wars and battle to earn from the other players


Bilo | Crypto Society

This is really innovative guys 😍

Supreet | OneRare

Thank you!

Bilo | Crypto Society

Is OneRare disruptive and if so, how so?

Supreet | OneRare

For us, OneRare is disruptive in two key ways:

1. Being the First Project to bring Food to Web3: We are the first Food Metaverse on the blockchain, working on one of the most popular topics around the world

2. Creating a Use-Case for NFTs: With the growing popularity of NFTs, people are also beginning to see utility in them. OneRare offers a natural use-case for Food NFTs, where users can swap them for real meals and deals worldwide.

We are attempting to onboard a traditional and massive industry like F&B to the blockchain


Bilo | Crypto Society


What are you currently working on and can you describe your future roadmap?

In terms of product, we already have our Testnet MVP live

We will be releasing our next version of the Testnet this week.

Bilo | Crypto Society

Ok nice. When will OneRare be up and running on mainet?

Supreet | OneRare

With our functional Farm, Farmer’s Market & Kitchen featuring 40 Recipes.

Our Mainnet will be live by December.


Supreet | OneRare

Once enough recipes have been minted, we will introduce our Playground.

As well as:




Desserts & Cocktails!

Bilo | Crypto Society

You guys are just being mean now!

Stop it with the food ideas. I will go eat now. Be right back.


Supreet | OneRare


Bilo | Crypto Society

Tell me something. What if I was a good cook and had some recipes to share… do I have any incentive for doing so?

Supreet | OneRare

So, at its core, a OneRare Recipe means a List of Ingredients to make the Dish. We do not want any chef to part with his secret recipes, so we have kept it fun & light.

But we do want to tokenize Recipes for our community.

So, if you have an amazing Choco Chip Recipe, you can submit it to the community and if voted in, it will be minted as Bilo’s Choco Chip & you get the rewards for it!


Bilo | Crypto Society

Supreet | OneRare

Hahahahaha ! That’s the spirit!

Bilo | Crypto Society

Could you please provide us with some challenges OneRare has faced but overcome?

Supreet | OneRare

I think one major challenge was to grow fast — like I mentioned, we wanted to create a small food project, but the overwhelming response has made us evolve our idea to a much bigger scale, so now we are hiring rapidly to grow our Foodverse

The second is of course to educate the Food industry about blockchain and hold their hand through the process.

Blockchain feels very daunting to most, so we must make sure we make them comfortable.


Bilo | Crypto Society

If there was one thing you could hope to see OneRare achieve next year, what would it be?

Supreet | OneRare

I don’t know about one specific thing, but we would definitely like to bring as many chefs & restaurants onboard and be able to execute our dream of swap-nfts-for-meals. It’s a logistical challenge, but with enough partners, it could change the way blockchain seamlessly enters our real lives.


Bilo | Crypto Society

Do you wish to let us know anything else that was not covered in the questions above?

Supreet | OneRare

Well, I think we got most of it :)

I would just like to inform the community that we have our NFTO on Genesis Shards on 24th Nov, and our IDO on Enjinstarter (25 Nov) and TrustPad (27 Nov)


When you sat swap, are you thinking of a kind of a delivery system just like Uber eats of crypto?

Supreet | OneRare

Thanks for your question, Omlrs! We are not thinking of a delivery system right now, we are thinking more along of the lines of tying up with prominent chefs and restaurants and having an option to swap your NFT for a meal.


Where can I swap the nfts for real food?

Supreet | OneRare

Thanks for the question, Julius. We are onboarding Celebrity Chefs and Restaurants to tokenize their NFTs. There will be a day when you can take your NFT to the outlet to redeem it for a dish or for a whole meal.

Sam xoăn siêu cấp vip pro

Partnership is always an important factor for every project. Who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

Supreet | OneRare

I completely agree with you. Since the Blockchain industry is very new, our ecosystem can only grow with support, not competition. We have been very lucky to have found some great Angels and Partners for OneRare — that are helping us grow. We have 2 Chain Partners — Polygon & Enjin, who will help us grow multi-chain. Since we are the first ever Food Project, we are also partnering with other blockchain projects to become their Food partner. We have partnered with games like MyDefiPet, Thetan Arena and Mytheria to launch special food menus for their game characters. As we grow, we will foodify the blockchain and bring food to everyone!

Bilo | Crypto Society

Thank you for your time in answering our questions here today. We are all very appreciative of your time and of the answers you have provided

Supreet | OneRare

Thanks Bilo!

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