Crypto Society Ama Recap with Eizper Chain — 13th May 2022.

Eizper Chain is a blockchain action multiplayer role-playing game produced and published by Eizper, powered by Sangnila. It is the first game in the Eizper gaming franchise.

Eizper Chain’s gameplay contains synergy between adventure and arena battles. In the adventures, players roam the fast world of Eizper guided by an enticing epic story full of twist and turn. While in arena battles, players may compete against each other in battle events in hope of getting handsome rewards and recognition.

Bilo|Crypto Society

Welcome @Wiseman0507 It’s our pleasure to have you with us today. I would like to welcome you here on behalf of our entire community.

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

Halo guys nice 2 meet u all here.

Bilo|Crypto Society

Could we begin with a brief history of yourself and your team, and your roles at Eizperchain and what you were doing before Eizperchain?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

I’m Wiryanto, Chief of Partnership in Eizper. I’m a crypto enthusiast, had 10 years of experience in family business, and 14 years in the marketing field.

Our Founder, Mr. Rudi Herlian is an enthusiast in the field of algorithmic and expert in the world of marketing and trading. He started his career as a top marketer in a direct selling company. He served both as Vice President Agency in Insurance Company and General Director at CITC.

Our CMO, Mr Ferry Purnama, is hardcore gamer and crypto enthusiast with more than 20 year’s experience in Marketing and Business Development field and has held top executive positions in some insurance company and property company.

Our game director has 12 years of experience in the art and animation industry, working with big players in the industry such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and took part in some games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Super Smash Bros in Nintendo.

Our other game developer, Agathe Games is the biggest game developer in Indonesia with 13 years of experience with more than 300 games.

Our technical lead, Mr. Aziz Rahman is a full stack software engineer with extensive experience in software architecture, machine learning, trading automation, and blockchain. His working experience comes from several areas such as e-commerce, health tech, and trading automation.

Bilo|Crypto Society

Excellent. Thanks for the intro. Very impressive background 🔥

How did Eizperchain start? And when do you plan on launching?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

When games in the blockchain space started to flourish 2 years ago, with the earning concept, we tried 2 play it to. But, to my surprise, the experience is not that good. We came from traditional gamer, found it not easy, a bit confusing because the ui/ux is not friendly. I tried my first blockchain game last year, and it took me couple of hours just to start playing the game, cause I have to buy the NFT first. There is a quite steep learning curve 2 play this game.

When we created Eizper, we wanted to solve this problem by creating a UI/UX-friendly game for all gamers. That’s why if you try our game and go to our market place you can log in by using your email account and by doing that you will automatically have a linked Eizper wallet. So for a traditional gamer who wants to play our game, they don’t need to create their own wallet. They can play the game by connecting the NFT to our game. But if you have a Phantom Wallet you can connect it too. Basically, in Eizper Chain we try to create a really fun-to-play game but still have the aspect of earning as well as the friendly UI/UX for traditional gamers. So we expect that creating a more seamless and pleasant experience like this will attract traditional gamers who are looking into the blockchain space

On March 25th we just launched our Beta Version, plan to release full version on q3/q4 this year, and star mobile version development on June, full version on Q4 this year.

Bilo|Crypto Society

That’s fantastic. Thanks.

Could you please explain to us what Eizperchain is all about and describe the gameplay?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

The name “Eizper” was derived from the word ESPer (Extra Sensory Perception) it means someone who receives information not through physical senses but senses of the mind like a sixth sense or seventh sense. It was inspired by the world in the Eizper Chain game itself.

It was once a beautiful place that turned into a nightmare world infested with beasts called chimeras. In order to survive, some people have developed a new special skill to fight the beast which is called Eizper (ESPer). The second word, “Chain” comes from the blockchain technology that is supporting the game.

Eizperchain is a multiplayer online action role playing games in the blockchain space with steampunk theme, hack and slash style. Players could roam the vast world of eizper in solo adventure, multiplayer adventure, even could battle against other players in the battle arena, or could compete between guild vs guild.

Bilo|Crypto Society

That’s very exciting. I was also wondering about the name. 🙂

Which chain have you selected and why?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

Solana. For 3 reasons:

1. Scalable Solana leverage proof of history and several other breakthrough innovation to allow the network to scale at the rate of Moore’s law.

2. Low cost-Solana is designed to keep this low for application with billions of users.

3. Compostable: Solana’s single global state Ensure compressibility between project. never deal with multiple shards or layers 2 system.

Bilo|Crypto Society

Can you please describe the token utility?

When will be the token launch for Eizperchain? Also, you have several in-game currencies. Can you explain the thought process behind this?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

Our token utility called E1Z Coin, used 2 exchange 2 Eizshard, our off chain currencies inside the game.

We could use the Eiz coin for stacking benefit: the yield and benefit inside the game: in-game item diskon, access to extra quest content, free event ticket, arena observer.

We have three currencies:

-gold (off chain): basic in-game currency for buying and selling item

-EIZPER shard (ESH): reward for completing time control activities in game and can be bought using Eiz token.

- E1zcoin: governance token, limited mount exchangeable to cryptocurrency and staking

We plan to hold di IDO in Q3/Q4 this year

Bilo|Crypto Society

That’s very well thought out. Looking forward to playing myself!

How did your NFT sale go? Are you planning more sales?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

Quite good, considered the state of crypto market lately.

We’re in beta version right now, only 2 out of 12 character being release. Yes of course we plan to do more NFT sales.

Bilo|Crypto Society

Awesome — feel free to share some of your nfts here whenever you feel like it so our community can have a glimpse.

You have several game characters, playables, NPC, Bosses and enemies. Tell us a little about them

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

Hero NFT:


Have unique skills and traits

Exclusive character quest


Have unique skills and traits

Exclusive character quest

Our Hero NFT only 1000 has limited amount



Raise the chance of the weapons mint 2 NFT

10% discount for upgrade weapons

10% upgrade rate


5% from global revenue marketplace fee

10% discount on market place

-Chanty Singer (merchant)

10% discount buy item(+5% for stellar)

20% more gold sell monster loot


Bonus reward 15% for completing challenges in arena (+5% for stellar)

5% global revenue from ticket arena sales


Gain extra reward for every completed quest in game

Game double environmental items tool (triple loots for stellar)

NFT Monsters

-Necro pirate

Double drop on Necro Pirate loot

Decrease Necro Pirate damage to player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)


Double drop on Skeleton Glock loot

Decrease Skeleton Glock damage to player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)


Double drop on Skeleton Chainsaw loot

Decrease Skeleton Chainsaw damage to player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)


Double drop on Lobus loot

Decrease Lobus damage to player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar


Double drop on Hulkjouster loot

Decrease Hulkjouster damage to player by 15% (+ 5% for stellar)

Bilo|Crypto Society

I’ll take 3 of each ser!

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

About the equipment NFT (Armor, weapon), you could mint armor, weapon tier 6 to become NFT, which you could sell to other players.

Bilo|Crypto Society

I really like that you have multiple player perspective options. Tell us about your PVE vs PVP model and how the game will be experienced in each of these modes.

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

In PVE mode, you could adventure in solo, battle with monster, collect loot item from The Monster, complete the quest, upgrade your equipment, etc

In PVP mode, you could adventure with your friends, Battle with other player in the battle arena, or compete in eSports event between gaming guild.

Bilo|Crypto Society


Is Eizperchain disruptive to the on chain gaming industry? If so , how?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

We dare to choose economic model that is different from other games in the blockchain space where most of them choose economic model that is based on too much on currency incentify. And this could result in inflation.

We chose real economic model, where players could earn most by selling their NFT that was obtained by minting the equipment (weapon, armor) for tier 6 till tier 10.

This economic model ensures the sustainability of the game for la ong time.

Bilo|Crypto Society

Glad to see your answer. Economic sustainability is such an important aspect which unfortunately, many fail to properly consider.

Do you wish to let us know anything else that was not covered in the questions above?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

We plan to implement e sport concept in our game for long sustainability, as you noticed with Free Fire, world of Warcraft, PUBG… They could stand for a long time because they have e sport concept.

Bilo|Crypto Society

With this, we will open up the chat for those who wish to personally thank you for your time with us here today.

Bearing in mind the current state of the market, and the heavy losses incurred by many in the tera eco system, I’m not sure how many are currently engaged with us here today 😔


Do you have already collaborations planned with some high class crypto games?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

We’re open to all possibilities collaboration, but right now since our game still in beta version, we haven’t done that yet.


Are there any ways the community can access these hero nfts?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

NFT Categories:

NFT’s Video:


Can you give a preview of the game design?

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

you can see in our pitch deck:

📖 Pitchdeck:

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

You can connect to our social media, get details about our project here:


🌐Website :

🌐Marketplace :

🌐Facebook :


🌐Twitter :

🌐Discord :

🌐Youtube :

🌐TikTok :



NFT Categories:

NFT’s Video:



🔔 News Channel — @eizperchain

🌍 Global — @eizperchainofficial

🇲🇨 Indonesian — @EizperChain_ID

🇻🇳 Việt Nam — @EizperChainvnchat

🇮🇷 Iran — @EizperChain_Persian

🇦🇫 Afganistan — @EizperChainDari


🎧 Support: +62 812 2225 3020 (WA)

🖥 Contact Support Team: (soon)

Bilo|Crypto Society

Thank you for your time in answering our questions here today. We are all very appreciative of your time and of the answers you have provided

Wiryanto Tjhie | Eizperchain

My pleasure, thx for the opportunity 2 introduced EIZPERCHAIN to this great community🙏👍

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